Tips For Moving Heavy Furniture Items

Tips For Moving Heavy Furniture Items

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if every time you moved, you had expert help to get the job done quickly and smoothly? While it may be apt, there will likely come a moment when you find yourself moving without any support from the pros, which includes having to move heavy belongings by yourself.

Now, you should keep in mind that moving heavy furniture items by yourself doesn’t mean you are entirely on your own- just that you don’t have professional furniture movers in Melbourne helping you out. One individual will not be capable of carrying a couch or a piano down the stairs, or loading up a moving truck or van with the entire contents of their house, heavy furniture items included. But the differences between having help from a removal company and making a DIY move with your partner, family, or friends are pretty stark, and you’re going to want to have a complete plan. In place for when it comes a moment to move heavy furniture items out of your old home and into your new place.

Always Measure First 

Before beginning the carrying process, measure the doorways and hallways you must pass through while relocating the furniture. Trying to push an item through a doorway or hallway that’s too small may result in injury or damage to the furniture items. It may even lead to you dropping that item, causing potential injury to yourself or a moving member.

Clear The Pathways 

Ensure that the pathways and the doorways are clear before moving the items. If the pathways are straightforward without any loops, it will be ensured that the belongings can be moved without any damage.

Also, lay down a liner on the floor to prevent scraping or damage. You may use a roll-out plastic liner or moving blankets. Always wear closed-toed and non-slip shoes to avoid any mishap.

Gather Your Equipment

 You are not the first one to have to figure out how to move heavy furniture by yourself, and that’s great news because it means there are some incredible innovations out there for DIY moves.

You’re not the first one to realise how to move heavy furniture items by yourself, and that’s great news because it means there are some incredible innovations out there for DIY movers. These furniture items can be rented or purchased, so decide if you’re only going to use them once or if you might consider them for future moves.

Here’s what you’ll need to move extremely heavy furniture by yourself:

 Moving Straps: Also called “lifting straps”, these handy moving devices work to transfer a few of the weight off of your arms, legs, and back when you’re lifting a heavy item so that it is incredibly easier to handle. They are adjustable, so be sure to carry them for the size of the item you will be lifting and the size of your own body.

Furniture Sliders: These are a must-have for transporting heavy furniture on your own. Furniture sliders are generally made of a single part or multi-part plastic and are placed under each leg or the corner of the plastic. They work by creating a smoothly mobile barrier between the furniture item and the floor, reducing the complete friction that can make it hard to move heavy furniture.

This will mitigate the risk of damage to your tile, hardwood, or carpeting.

Furniture dollies: There are two types of furniture trolley and dollies, that will be helpful to you when moving heavy or large-sized furniture, though you can probably get away with just having one type on hand. The foremost is a four-wheeled square platform, with or without a handle to push. The other is a two-wheel hand truck, which has a shorter base than the four-wheeled square forum but helps circulate weight vertically, making it a good fit for tall items- certain items to the dolly with rope or additional straps before starting to push.

Have a plan for unloading, too

You are not in the clear until every furniture item is not just emptied from the moving truck or van but also situated in its correct spot in your new house. For that matter, just like you made a plan and prioritized how you were going to get everything reassembled and unloaded. To save time, however, you can wait until everything is reassembled and unloaded. That way, you save yourself the problem of moving heavy furniture items off the truck and into your house only to have to move them again.

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