Moving Day Advice: 9 Things to Do While Movers Are Moving

Moving from one home to another is not an easy task; its most challenging part is shifting your huge apartment or house from one place to another. But now it has become easy as you can hire professional two men and van for this task, but you may have queries about how to deal with it as it may be new to you. Don’t worry! Here we will comprehend the top 9 things to do while movers were moving:

Be Present When Your Movers Work

First and the most important thing you can do while movers are moving is to be with them till they leave. This could be a great support to them both physically and mentally. If you were unable to give time to them, you could ask your close friend or family members to be there with them. Being new to the place, the team of movers and packers must have some doubts and queries, and they need one who can make them comfortable by clearing all their doubts.

Know Parking Instructions

Before the mover arrives at your location, you need to be ready with all his parking queries. You should make a space for them so that they can comfortably park their truck or van. You must adjust the garage so that there shouldn’t be any problem when moving. Parking is the first impression with the mover, and it shouldn’t have any confusion or discomfort. After that, give them parking instructions and if they are moving into an apartment, inform them about the rules and regulations of the apartment’s parking.

Clear The Path

The day movers arrive, make sure that you clear the path to your home, including the hallways, doorways, garden and stairs, so that they can quickly bring their equipment and start their work immediately. Try to keep all the routes clear; sometimes movers can’t see any obstacles, so you have to take care of all these. Make a clear path towards your furniture without any obstacles like toys or even small things, which create discomfort for the movers to do their work.

Be A Good Host

When movers arrive, be a good host and give them a welcome drink with snacks. Welcome them with a good gesture and order a meal for them from your end so that they won’t go out for the meal and give more time to your packaging. If you face any issues with their work, politely share your problem with them. They will not give you any chance of complaint after such a nice gesture.

Keep Kids & Pets Occupied

You have to make sure while movers come that you should make sure that your kids should not be involved in this. They may mix the packing items or break them; this may create difficulty for movers to do their work. You may involve them with some fun activities or movies, or you can ask your neighbor or relative to look after them, and the same thing implies to pets.

Be Available To Assist Them

Packaging and transportation are movers’ daily work, and they know how to deal with any type of package without bearing any losses. Professional movers have expertise in their field, and if you want to help them, you can simply stand by their side and answer all their questions if they face any confusion. Make them clear about the non-packaging items and look after them if they are packaging and moving the right things.

Avoid Handling Valuable Items To Movers

You should make sure that you s should keep your valuable items by your side. Let the movers take the heavy items and if you can easily carry the valuable items with you, keep them by your side only. And you should also make sure not to pack those items which aren’t allowed to carry in trucks, like flammable stuff. Here the point is not to question movers’ loyalty, but the thing is you should be more concerned regarding your valuable items like jewellery.

Double-check Your Packages

No matter how carefully you pack but there is always something that skips. To avoid this scenario, make sure that you double-check all your essential belongings, recheck your rooms in case anything you forget and before moving, make sure that all windows are closed and the electricity is off.

Have Your Payment Ready

For cash payments, make sure that you have sufficient money to pay for the actual cost of your move and some other moving expenses. If you like to pay the bills by credit or debit card, you need to provide your card details at the time of booking. Despite this, you may also have a thought to tip your movers and packers to show more appreciation for a job well done. So have enough cash ready in advance.

Professional Movers

To Conclude

Moving involves a lot of preparation. From boxing up your things to planning your relocation, it’s easy to forget to prepare for the actual movers themselves. But following these tips, you can make your move easy and well-managed with a professional moving company.