List Of Essential Moving Tools And Equipment

List Of Essential Moving Tools And Equipment – 2023

Moving is an uneasy process for many reasons, but to make it a little less stressful, you need to gather all the essential tools and equipment to help you. Therefore, assembling all the tools beforehand is crucial as you want to avoid being disturbed during the loading or packing. Also, buying all tools together and early saves you a lot of time, and you can get items at a discounted price.


Don’t worry if you are moving for the first time and need to learn more about the equipment required. In this article, Goldline movers will give you a complete list of the essential tools and equipment to correctly plan your move. We provide the best moving services in Melbourne to make your move comfortable.


Essential Moving Tools And Equipment


Here is the list of essential moving tools and equipment for your safe relocation with moving services in Melbourne. 


Moving vehicle 


This is the essential equipment you must remember when making a DIY move. Of course, you will need an excellent moving vehicle, so what makes a vehicle good enough for the move?


It should have enough space to fit your belongings. You don’t have to stuff in anything because that can cause damage once they are on the road. You can hire a man with van services in Melbourne to get a stress-free move. Then they will take care of the safe transport. While renting a truck, remember that the vehicle’s space should fit your belongings.


If you are making a small interstate move in Melbourne, consider moving items in your vehicle or taking your friend’s help. This will save you money.


Utility dolly / moving dolly


All professional movers use a moving dolly for faster moving. It is used to carry heavy items of the house such as furniture, big boxes, and refrigerator. Using this dolly has many benefits: it saves you much time, you’ll have a damage-free shifting of goods, and you don’t have to lift and carry heavy things physically. In addition, it saves you from wounding yourself.


Two Types of Moving Dolly  


  • Furniture Dolly: As suggested by the name, it is used to move big furniture of the house like couches, washing machines, bookcases, pianos, etc.

A furniture dolly has four wheels and an extensive base. While moving the big furniture, make sure to take help controlling the dolly to move safely.


  • Utility Dolly or Hand Truck: A hand truck is an upright L-shaped piece of equipment with two tires. It helps to carry heavy items like electrical appliances and moving boxes. A good hand truck should be able to take items weighing around 600 pounds.

All professional moving services in Melbourne use a moving dolly as it is a must-have piece of equipment for comfortable and safe moving.


Furniture sliders


Furniture sliders are made up of plastic or rubber. This is a valuable item for quickly moving your furniture around the house. Dragging furniture along the floor can damage your floor, so using furniture sliders will also prevent your floor from getting damaged.


Moving blankets and pads


Moving blankets and pads are used to save your items from getting damaged. These are important to protect your items during the move. Just wrap these blankets around the object and use packing tape to secure it.

The moving pad is there to protect your items from moisture and dirt. The material used to make these blankets and pads is a non-woven fabric.


Moving ropes and straps 


Another essential item for your belongings’ safety is moving straps and ropes. This is the equipment you will use to tie up your heavy items to the dolly so that they can be safely moved around in that dolly. 


Now there are different types of moving ropes and straps that you can purchase. Here is a brief information about them: 


  • Shoulder dolly: This system has one strap and two harnesses. The strap and harnesses are connected with metal tension buckles. This is used to lift heavy items from the house, mostly furniture and appliances that a person can not steal.


  • Forearm forklift: This is almost similar to a shoulder dolly. The harnesses are attached to forearms and not to their shoulders and backs. Proper technique should be used to prevent injuries and accidents on a moving day.


  • Elastic straps: These adjustable straps have a nylon covering, and for added protection, the straps come with two strong hooks that are scratch resistant. These elastic straps are used to secure heavy items during the move on a dolly.


  • Ratchet straps: These straps are mainly used to secure items in the moving vehicle during transportation. It stops things from moving in the vehicle to avoid damage.


  • Rope and twine: During DIY moves, these strong ropes and nylon twines are used for fixing items and securing them.




 Protective gloves or other gear are essential to avoid injuries and save yourself from harm. As in a DIY move, you will do most of the lifting and moving, so these gloves come in handy to avoid any injuries. Also, some gloves are perfect for your grip, making it firm on the items so that you don’t drop any essential items.

Professional movers have these high-quality protective gloves to save their palms, wrist, and finger from painful scrapes.


Tool kit


Above, we have mentioned some critical equipment. Now let us see the crucial tools that you should have for an efficient DIY move:


Measuring tape


A tape is used to measure the item’s size to see if it will fit the door, calculate the walls for hanging any painting or other objects, and drill holes.




An essential tool that will be useful for disassembling and assembling any large furniture in your house.




Scissors are handy during a house move. They are used to cut tapes and many other things.




Another helpful tool for assembling and disassembling furniture is pliers. They are useful for holding more minor things.




A flashlight will come in handy in a house removal to use at a new place or in case of a power outage.




A hammer can be used for hanging your favorite painting on a wall or to pull out stuck nails on the wall.


Box cutter /utility knife


Even if you have scissors, they are not very easy to use for opening any box. So make sure to have a box cutter. This can easily be used to open the boxes.


These are some crucial tools that you must have in a house move but look at some other tools as well and see what can be helpful in your move personally.

  1. Wrenches 
  2. Duct tape
  3. Extension cords 
  4. Label marker
  5. Step ladder
  6. Vacuum seal bags 
  7. Paintbrush and paints




If this list overwhelms you and gives you a little stress about your move, there is an easy way out. Goldline movers are professional removalists that can save you from this extra work and stress. Our moving services in Melbourne are fast and careful with their customers’ moves.

Your stuff will be secured and moved with complete safety by our experienced and professional movers with the help of moving tools and equipment

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